Slow and intentional, from concept to creation

We embrace a slower approach to bags by introducing a limited number of designs, produced in small batches.

A new bag takes over a year to bring to life. By taking each new concept through months of research, development and testing, we strive to create timeless designs with a functional purpose that last beyond seasons.

  • MEIA handcrafted stitching

    Crafting in Small Batches

    Each bag is handcrafted in small batches which allows us to focus on workmanship. We proudly collaborate with a factory that shares our values, ensuring workers are treated and compensated fairly for their craftsmanship. Our commitment to quality over quantity makes each bag a testament to the conscious choices behind our designs.

  • MEIA pattern pieces

    Sustainable Evolution

    Our first design intentionally uses 100% recycled nylon as the primary material, complemented by vegan leather as the accent. We're continuously evaluating alternative materials to be able to transition more components of our bags to fully recyclable materials, and remain dedicated to incorporating more sustainable choices into the bags we create.

  • MEIA durability testing

    Created to Last

    Before finalizing the design, bags undergo testing to ensure materials are free from harmful substances, as well as rigorous durability testing. Real women also play a crucial role in our final functionality checks, testing each feature for practicality. Our goal is to create a long-lasting companion for your everyday journey.

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MEIA multifunctional backpack made with water resistant recycled nylon

The typical backpack is made up of around 50 pattern pieces. Our MEIA work bag consists of over 160 pieces.

We don't settle for the norm, and intentionally design with features to enhance functionality or address common problems experienced with bags. Design should simplify how we move about our day, and we're proud to create deeply purposeful bags that reflect this belief.